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The entry

Welcome to the site of "Il forno delle crete"! We are in Asciano, in province of Siena, in the middle of "Crete Senesi", a place visited every year from tourists coming from all around the world for the beauty and uniqueness of landscapes. Here in the center of the town (exactly in Piazza Garibaldi) takes place our activity, that is in business for more than 50 years. We turn out every day only handmade products, and we are particularly known for making typical sweet of Siena like ricciarelli and panforte. You can find everything you want to, from bread in his various typologies to pizza (and ciaccino, a variety of pizza). Also important are our typical italian sweets and biscuits.

The counter

Brioche and krapfen are taken out of the oven every day to guarantee our clients the best possible breakfast; we produce also speciality like granny cake, jam tart and yogurt sweets. Our principal product is the Pan Pepato Giardi, that is similar to the traditional Panforte of Siena, but is made with more spices and with a recipe old more than 200 years (for all the information visit the section dedicated in the page "products" of this site). You can buy also cakes of many types, like millefoglie or sponge cake (this type only with prenotation).

There are some photos of our activity:

These are video of making some products: